Humorously, I have grouped acknowledgements into categories based on the answer to this question: "Hypothetically, if I were to go back in time and murder ______'s parents/grandparents, what would be the impact on this guide?"

"It would be but a shadow of its current self"

Texas Instruments
For creating the calculator (natch ;-), and the SDK guide, the System Routine documentation, and the TI83PLUS.INC file.
Randall Hyde
Art of Assembly is a great book. Much of the new material from v0.95 and later exists because of the information in it. In fact, you could say this is sort of a blatant rip-off homage to AoA.
Patai Gergely
For his incredible Z80 assembly guide.
James Matthews
He gets in, because I was so dissatisfied with AsmGuru that I decided to start this project. Hahahahahaha!!!

"It'd be a lot uglier, that's for sure"

Ingyu Kang
Crimson Editor, the greatest text editor that ever was.
Lucas Yerpe
For being damn near the only person in the world who bothered to find mistakes and tell me about them. Thanks for helping to bring this one step closer to perfection, Luke.
Jimi Malcolm
For his TI-86 assembly guide.

"Frankly, I doubt anyone would have noticed"

Seriously, while they are responsible for only minor contributions (often ones they are unaware of), they deserve thanks nonetheless

Dan Englender
Diedrik Kingma
Joe Pemberton
Chris Tremblay
Adam Ziemba
Michael Vincent

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