Tasm Error Messages

Binary operator where value expected
Two of TASM's binary operators are used in a row:
	LD	A,6 + / 3
Cannot malloc for label storage
TASM has run out of memory for any more labels.

Duplicate label
A label or manifest constant already exists.

stuff	.equ	20
File name too short
You have specified a file name that is fewer than three characters.

Forward reference in equate
You are using a manifest constant on the right side of an equate, and that constant is not defined until later in the code.
stuff	.equ	more_stuff
more_stuff	.equ	20
Heap overflow on label definition
TASM has run out of memory for any more labels.

Imbalanced conditional
There is a mismatch between the number of #ifs and the number of #endifs.

Invalid operand
The first character for an instruction operand was a left parenthesis, but indirection is illegal for the instruction.

Invalid token where value expected
There are two binary operators in a row.

Label too long
A label is composed of more than 31 characters.

Label not found
You have used a manifest constant that has not yet been defined.

Label must pre-exist for SET
Label table overflow
There are too many labels.

Macro expansion too long
A macro expansion yielded a line of code that was too long.

Max number of nested conditionals exceeded
There are too many #if levels.

Maximum number of args exceeded
Too many arguments were passed to a macro.

Maximum number of macros exceeded
There are too many #define directives.

No END directive before EOF
The source file did not have a .end followed by a newline.

No files specified
No source file was supplied to assemble.

No terminating quote
A text string did not get a terminating double quote.

No indirection for this instruction
An operand has parentheses around it when it shouldn't.

Range of argument exceeded
The offset for an index register is outside signed 8-bit range.

Range of relative branch exceeded
The target for JR or DJNZ is more than 128 bytes away.

Source file open error
TASM couldn't open the file to assemble, usually because it was misspelled.

Unrecognized directive
A statement starting with . or # is not a TASM directive.

Unrecognized instruction
A statement uses an assembler mnemonic that doesn't exist.

Unrecognized argument
A statement uses an invalid operand.

Unknown token
Symbols with no meaning were encountered in an expression.

Unused data in MS byte of argument
The most significant byte of an argument was left unused.

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