Table Of Contents



Week 1
Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: The Components of a Z80 Program
Day 3: Registers, Memory, and Variables
Day 4: Flags
Day 5: Data Manipulation
Day 6: Stacks
Day 7: Control Structures

Week 2
Day 8: Bit-Level Instructions
Day 9: Bit Shifting
Day 10: More Registers
Day 11: Displaying Text
Day 12: Key Input
Day 13: More Program Control
Day 14: Procedures

Week 3
Day 15: Advanced Math
Day 16: Character Strings
Day 17: Character Sets
Day 18: Floating-Point Arithmetic
Day 19: User Variables
Day 20: Programs and System Variables
Day 21: The VAT

Week 4
Day 22: Port Input
Day 23: Interrupts
Day 24: Monochrome Graphics
Day 25: Sprites
Day 26: The LCD Driver
Day 27: String and Numerical Input
Day 28: Putting It All Together


Technical References and Datasheets
Z80 Instruction Set
A listing of all the Z80 instructions available. Includes opcodes and the ones THE MAN doesn't want you to know about.
Large Font Character Map
Font map and ASCII codes for the large 6×8 font (Base Code 1.16).
Small Font Character Map
Font map and ASCII codes for the small variable-width font (Base Code 1.16).
Key Codes
Table of the key codes returned by GetKey.
Scan Codes
Table of the key codes returned by GetCSC.
System Flags
Table of most of the calculator's system flags.
TASM Error Messages
A list of error messages TASM will give you.
TASM Directives and Operators
All the directives and arithmetic operators you can use.
Recovering from crashes.


Warranty Disclaimer
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Formatting in This Guide
Style conventions.
A list of people I thought deserved mention.
A collection of websites you may find to be of much use when using this guide.

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